Founded in 1975, the haoyue trademark registered in the 1980s, from the earliest production of civil locks, the specialty is engaged in the development and production of car lock by now, nearly 40 years of haoyue people struggle hard, Haoyue brand in the automotive industry already has a higher visibility, "Haoyue" brand car lock from "well-known trademark" in jiangsu province "famous brand product", and in 2014 was identified as "China well-known trademark", and has set up a 288 patent application for registration.At the same time, it is because of the Haoyue brand well-knownness, the fake products on the market have also found that even with pseudo Haoyue brand into the system of manufacturers, for the Haoyue, is a potential hazard.For rights, the company introduced a brand construction and maintenance of the platform, arrangements for construction and maintenance of the system, including but not limited to, propaganda, anti-counterfeiting, intellectual property, brand, size, etc.

Now the haoyue, with morale, confidence, not only with saic, Shanghai Volkswagen, dongfeng, jiangling, wuling national large and medium-sized manufacturers, such as more fully prepared to enter the international market.Today's timing is to represent the highest form of domestic car brands, to meet the various needs of users, product varieties, production output, market coverage, users supporting capacity, economic efficiency and other indicators are near the top domestic industry, has reached and Magna, KKT, internet-based and other international brand competition level."Reform change diligent diligently" the enterprise idea of, everyone in mind, Haoyue tomorrow will be more beautiful!