Today's China is in a period of great economic change, which leads us integrated into the global with unprecedented speed.

Facing the new competition situation, complain, panic, fantasy, to no avail, we must face up to reality, through continuous innovation, adjust ourselves, seek cooperation, adapt to change, meet the challenge, to achieve the new strategic goal.

Innovation means that we have to achieve thoroughly idea innovation, mechanism innovation, management innovation and technological innovation. 

Only innovation can go beyond.

Perfect human resource management system and salary incentive mechanism make us have the most important innovation resources.We attract talents with brilliant career attractive, retain talents with sincere affection, exercise talents with hard work, culture talents with effective learning, original power for enterprise development.

Differences between technology and management with the international first-class company let us at a disadvantage in luxury cars latches competitions. So we will continue to strengthen with the international advanced system lock enterprise, the cooperation and exchanges between the to continuously improve our technology level and management level.