2009 China Automobile Industry Association parts annual meeting in Guangzhou victory concludes

Column:Industry dynamic Time:2018-04-27

In November 22, 2009, a sunny day, morning nine when Guangzhou building conference room at a gathering of many people, China Association of automobile parts and components will be held ceremoniously here. Years by association deputy secretary-general Dong Yang hosted, former mechanical industry association 's position, executive vice mayor of Guangzhou municipality, Ministry of Commerce electrical secretary and leaders attended the opening ceremony. Will Dong Jianping deputy secretary-general made 2009 working report of association, and hired a number of experts on the development of the automobile industry to make a report. At the same time, the Association for the first time auto parts industry of bibcock enterprise competitions, and this work as a routine work. This conference time is also arranged to visit the Guangzhou Toyota, the Chinese Academy of Sciences electrical appliances research institute and the Guangzhou auto show. Conference schedule is very compact, but delegates are very meaningful. This year in November 24th to end satisfactorily.