On the "Wuxi moon" not to use" the" Bulletin

Column:Company news Time:2018-04-27

Jiangsu Haoyue automobile lock company after decades of efforts and accumulation, has become the domestic brand lock industry leading enterprises. The company is currently promoting the level of technology, improve the logistics management system, the implementation of QOS quality to run a system, promote the cooperation projects with foreign counterparts, to further enhance the brand image, to create the domestic first-class Jiangsu can participate in international competition professional lock-making enterprises.

However, because the moon in the automotive industry 's awareness rising, resulting in some enterprises use unscrupulous divisive tactics have an ulterior motive" bright" brand," near Wuxi Haoyue automobile electric door lock company limited, Wuxi Haoyue automobile safety system Company Limited " is one of the most typical two case. The two unit for an investor who is all, my company control workshop leader, while my company change during the" Moon " in the name entered the part of my company's customer support system, deliberately disrupted the host plant to all the leaders of the audio-visual, both on the host plant normal purchasing cause unnecessary trouble, also to my company reputation caused certain adverse effect. We do this to the Wuxi City Intermediate People's court, now ruled over two units in 2011 12 at the end of all people must be removed in the name of the enterprise" bright moon " name, shall not be unauthorized use.

In order to let all the care and attention to the growth and development of the friends to understand the truth of the matter, the company issued this announcement!